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The Catching Camp is the largest development program for catchers in the world, offering a variety of instructional options for athletes at all levels of baseball and softball. 


Our Programs

TCC runs programs year-round for catcher of all ages and skill levels. From offseason Road Trip Camps, to our world renown TCC Summer Camp program, to Private Lessons and Remote Video Analysis, TCC has you covered. 

For the last 18 years, TCC has held two separate weeks of Summer Camp each year in New Hampshire (about 50 minutes north of Boston, MA). The 4-day (16 hours of instruction) camps have attracted catchers from 49 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Australia and Serbia over the last 18 years! Many of whom have gone on to play at the NCAA and professional levels.


Whether you are just beginning behind the plate or have experienced success at the professional level, TCC will put together an instructional game-plan to get you to where you want to be during live 1-on-1 sessions.

From the months of October through March, TCC travels the country running two and three-day camps for catchers ages 8-18. TCC has run programs in 23 States and Puerto Rico!


While we are still putting together a comprehensive remote-instruction program. We do have a number of ways to provide you with high level instruction no matter where you are located.

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Our Mission

TCC strives to provide catchers around the world with high-level catching instruction from an objective and unbiased perspective. As we tell every athlete we work with - we are only as successful as our students. It provides us the incentive to never stop being students of the game, seeking out the best information for all of our clients.  



"The best money I've spent yet..."


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TCC provides information and instruction to players at the absolute highest levels. We offer a variety of options for professional athletes. These options include in-season consultation, video analysis and live 1-on-1 off-season instruction.