1. What ages do you work with?

We work with youth players ages 8-18, as well as athletes competing at the NCAA and MLB levels. 

2. Do you only work with boys?

Absolutely not! We have worked with some of the top softball catchers in the world. In fact, at least half of my private students are female. Last year's largest Summer Camp session featured a 65/35 ratio, guys to girls. 

3. How many instructors are at the camp?

We maintain no greater than a 4:1 student to instructor ratio at Summer Camp, and no greater than a 7:1 ratio while running camps on the road! We strive to provide every student who attends our Summer Camp to receive a very individualized instructional experience.

4. Does our child need to have his own equipment to take one of your camps?

Yes and No...Many parents want to be sure their child really wants to stick with this position before making the financial investment in equipment. We recommend checking to see if you can borrow some of the equipment from your town youth program. If that is not possible the NECC does have a limited number of sets of gear that can be borrowed during Summer Camp weeks. However, while running our Road Trip Camps in the offseason, we require all students to provide their own equipment.

5. Do you teach hitting, pitching, or other baseball skills?

No, we are focused on what we do very well, and that is teaching the catching position. There are many fine programs all over the country that handle all the other skills, but we have devoted our time and efforts to this one position. 

6. Do we offer discounts for Active Military personnel? 

 We do! Just e-mail us to find out more information on the discounted rates. 

7. Do we offer discounts for multiple student families?

Unfortunately, we do not. Most of our camps fill up and we are unable to offer a discount for multiple registrations. 

8. What separates us from any of the other programs around the country?

We have dedicated the last 16 years studying the position and the game to find the absolute best and most efficient techniques for catchers around the world. It has been our ability to approach instructing the position from an educator's perspective that has truly separated our program from the rest. All of our instructors are fantastic demonstrators, but what sets them apart is that they have all learned how to teach the skills, knowing that not every student will learn the same way.