"The New England Catching Camp offers superior instruction in all the skills needed to become a solid catcher. It is the most comprehensive catching program in New England. Coach Weaver's expert instruction is geared toward baseball and softball players alike and accommodates all age and skill levels."

Dean Borrelli | Play Ball owner | Former professional catcher


"I went to New Hampshire to see Coach Weaver in action with his camp. What struck me about Coach Weaver's clinic was the perspective from which he teaches. When I teach/coach I use - for lack of a better term- the Yoda approach, "Listen to me young Skywalker and I will impart upon you the knowledge of the universe." I am a coach who stays above the fray never becoming the game. After watching Coach Weaver in action I now recognize this as an improvement opportunity in my own style.

Dave is a catcher, thinks like a catcher, and loves the position of catching. Just joking here, but I somehow can envision him driving to work in shin guards. He is the position, teaching the position, to players who also love the position. It was a thing of beauty to watch. If you go to his Catchers Creed on his website you get a taste of how he feels about catching. He builds character and leaders...

I have been coaching the position for a number of years and felt I had a grasp on what to teach and how to teach it. I now sit back and wonder how I got by.

I enthusiastically recommend Coach Weaver as a catching coach. Over my 20 years of coaching I have found that few of us give the position of catching the time it deserves. Coach Weavers clinic was well organized and taught the fundamental’s of the position. There were no fielders, pitchers or batters, just catchers. I spoke to several players after the clinic and all had a blast, with one coming as far away as California. I walked away with a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the position and I am anxious to apply them to my team. "

Jake Patterson | Author - How to Coach Little League; A Short Easy to Follow Guide on How to Begin Your Little League Coaching Career | Director - New England Little League Coaches' Clinic.


"First and foremost, Jay and the NECC staff are excellent teachers….The NECC camp is a difference-maker."



"Dear Coach Weaver, I wanted to tell you how much Michael learned during your camp. He had a fabulous time, and he told me he was so happy to be there. (He also thanked me so many times for sending him there)! You run a tight ship, and it shows. It was truly a wonderful experience for him, not only learning techniques, skills, tips, etc., but also, this was the first time in his life that he has done something separate from his brothers...part of the family triplets. Giving him that individuality was terrific, and especially so when he came home with the Top Gun award and his most famous cap! 
Thank you again, and I hope you have a great rest of the summer.



"Coach Weaver, I had the privilege of meeting you last summer and attended camp each day with my grandson. I have never seen a camp run more efficiently and effectively as yours. You are an outstanding coach, teacher, motivator, model, administrator, and leader. Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience for these young people."



"Thanks for all the wonderful work you did with the catchers. It was evident that there was a huge improvement in such a short time. You can tell that you are constantly learning and improving your teaching techniques and take your work VERY seriously. For that we will always be grateful!"



"Daughter attended the New England Catching Camp this past weekend in Chicago (Woodstock, Illinois). I can't say enough good things about it and DD says it's the best camp she's been to. Well worth the time, travel, and expenses."



"I agree. My 13 yr old complained that they talked too much on the first day, but it turned out that the talking was actually teaching and she actually learned some things. By the end of it, she totally bought in and has been working on her throwing motion ever since. Best money I've spent yet on softball."



"It was a great camp, I only wish it could have been a session longer so that they were able to get some more reps in (but that's what the week long camp it for). The instructors were great. You can definitely see the love and passion Jay has for teaching the catchers! I'm even more impressed that Jay and the team are open to improvements and changing things if better methods are presented. I wish there were more instructors/coaches with that mindset!"



"It was hands down the best camp my child has ever attended. Specifically for the technical aspects of it. And the step by step way in which Jay, Kevin, and Macyn taught and then FIXED, before moving on."



"My daughter has just turned into a little beast! The techniques and drills have stuck in her head like I hoped they would (mine too!) She has grown as a catcher by leaps and bounds and I am not the only one to notice. Instead of talking about her I want to talk about the camp. Jay, thank you. What you have helped my daughter and I learn through your camp has been wonderful. She has regained her love of the game and the position that I feel she was born to play! I can't thank you enough, your hard work and dedication to the position is inspiring. Having someone specializing in that position that you can actually have live training with is a game changer for us and your ability to translate it into something any gender or age can understand is in my opinion your greatest asset (your skill and knowledge too). We will continue to attend your camps until my daughter no longer plays. Sorry if this seems sappy, but I don't care. Thanks again Jay! See you next camp."



"I believe after attending this clinic, my daughter's skill level and the trajectory of learning fundamentally changed. Her mind set, confidence and abilities were noticeably different once she started playing in tournaments after the winter break. We began to watch other catchers and their techniques compared to hers. She began to critique and take note of what areas some girls were doing well and other areas they could improve upon...NECC gives you an excellent foundation to start/grow from and teaches techniques that are tried and true...Go in there with an open mind, a notebook, a good chair and you will be pleased."



“Hi Jay, My daughter attended your August camp this summer and had an amazing experience, thank you!” 



“Jay, Once again our heart felt thanks to you and your entire staff for a simply amazing camp. A special thanks to Macyn. So you are aware, he took his lunch time to talk to our son after he found out he did not make a team he really wanted to play for. He was very upset, but after talking with Macyn he turned his sadness into determination. I am so glad we made the decision to come to the camp this year. You are wonderful, I wish we were not so far away!” 



“Just got home from camp. Best camp we’ve ever been to. Daughter had a blast and said she learned a lot; I learned a lot and can’t wait until next year. We plan on coming to both camps in NH. Thanks!” 



“Best money I’ve spent yet….” 



It was a great camp, I only wish it could have been longer… The instructors were great. You can definitely see the love and passion Jay has for teaching the catchers! I’m even more impressed that Jay and the team are open to improvements and changing things if better methods are presented.