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Here's why you should be interested in hosting our camp...


Great fundraiser for facility, league or organization! 

All of our camps are run as mutually beneficial business ventures. Each host gets a cut of every single registration (after expenses). 


Increase foot traffic and local/national exposure for your facility, league or organization!

Our program is known around the country as the premier source of catching information and instruction. We routinely see our camps attract students from all over the country. More importantly to our hosts, our camps generate a lot of interest in the local markets where we run them, and very often leads students to facilities, leagues or organizations they previously may not have been aware of. 


Bringing in the largest program in the country dedicated to training catchers sets a great precedent for your facility/league/organization!

It says a lot about the character of your program and willingness to be a student of the game when hosting our camps. Being willing to go above and beyond to bring in the best information for the players in your community and program only proves to them that you have their best interests at heart, and helps build the culture of learning that every developmental athletic program or institution should strive to offer. 


  1. FULL facility access for the camp weekend: To maintain the integrity of the high-level of instruction catchers around the world have grown accustomed to from TCC, we would need exclusive access to the host facility from one hour before the start of the camp on Day 1 to one hour after the camp on Day 2 (and 3 if TCC runs a 3-day event). We want to make sure that every student, regardless of age or skill level, is given the opportunity to get the most out of the weekend. That means limiting the number of distraction as best as possible. We want to make sure that the experience of the students and their parents showcases the quality of the facilities we run out camps in as well as our program.

  2. Space: We cover all skills during our camps, so an ample amount of space is necessary in order for us to give as many catchers as possible the opportunity to attend the event. We have run camps in small spaces and they are never as beneficial to the student or our method of teaching. We require a minimum of 5,500 Sq. Ft. of turfed indoor space, enclosed by netting, that can be used exclusively for the camp. Any other space in the facility cannot be used during the camp hours, as stated above unless there is a solid cement wall separating that space from the rest of the facility. Fences or curtains are not suitable dividers of space, as they still allow sound to travel through them.

  3. Assistance with local promotion: TCC has an extremely large National presence and reputation. However, we do need the full support of the host facility in the months leading up to the camp. Keep in mind that the facility makes a percentage off of every student that walks through the door for the camp, so it only benefits the facility to dedicate ample resources necessary to get the word out locally. We often see camps attract students from 6+ states, but it is the local attendance that will determine the success of any camp we run. For that, we need the host’s full cooperative efforts in local marketing and promotion.

  4. Pitching machines/balls: TCC uses a variety of methods to educate catchers of all skill levels, but drills are one of the most important parts of any camp weekend. We require any suitable host to provide pitching machines for the camp weekend. We need a minimum of 4 machines (2 baseball AND 2 softball for any camp we run). Iron Mike-like pitching machines are NOT suitable for the camps we run. Portable machines, such as those made my JUGS, ATEC and ATTACK SPORTS are the only suitable pitching machines for a TCC event. The host must also provide both baseballs and softballs that can be used with those pitching machines for the event. Dimpled balls are not suitable.

  5. Backup facility access (Outdoor camp ONLY): In the event that we choose to utilize an outdoor host venue in a part of the country where the weather would allow it, the host would be responsible for reserving an indoor facility that meets all of the above criteria as a backup in the case of inclement weather.

If you believe your facility meets all of the requirements set above, please fill out the form below!



"The Catching Camp offers professional instruction that gives aspiring catchers the base knowledge necessary to become an advanced defender. We look forward to hosting Coach Weaver and his knowledgeable staff on a yearly basis. The number of catchers that we see return each year is a testament to the quality of instruction and the amount of repetitions each player receives in this camp."

Greg Williams / Executive Director / Keystone State Baseball & Softball Academy

"We have hosted a camp in Houston Texas for the last six years. Almost every year has sold out. Every year we get kids who come year after year and always lots of new catchers. The feedback we get is that it is by far best camp catchers available and that is why people return year after year."

Jennifer Mallozzi / Texas Patriots

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