MAY 2014 - Tip of the Month

"You're Not Done Yet!"

I recently was asked why we focus so much attention on social media on the skill of blocking over the skill of throwing...(yeah, I couldn't believe it either). Well, this is why....

(Clicking on image will bring you to the YouTube video)

In this situation, if the catcher blocks the pitch, they win the game. Instead? One easily preventable "wild pitch", turns into a walk-off inside the park strikeout.

I can't tell you how many students I have had in this Spring and have struggled when we get into blocking drills. Many times, when I ask them how many blocks they have fired on their own, outside of a practice or game environment, since the season started, I've gotten quite a few blank looks.

Catchers....blocking is more important than throwing, and you're not done working on it just because the season is in full swing. Work on it all the season, in the offseason, while your sleeping! Ok maybe not when you're sleeping, but you get the point. I always advocate making sure that you do some type of blocking drill before every game. This way, the first block you fire is not your pitcher's first mistake of the game. You will be prepared for it and that will allow you to get into rhythm throughout the game regarding this skill.

These situations can be prevented with hard work. How badly do you want to be a better catcher? Only the work you put in will determine the answer to that question.

Thanks for reading this month's Tip of the Month!