March 2018 - Tip of the Month

"The Work Never Stops"

TE quote Hard work.png

Thomas A. Edison once said "There is no substitute for hard work". Truer words could not have been spoken. 

One of the reasons I enjoy doing this for a living as much as I do is seeing our students fully realize their potential and reach the goals they have set for themselves. We've said it from day one... "We are only going to be as successful as our students". 

Soon after announcing our 2017-2018 Road Trip Camp schedule, we received a registration from one of our long time students. This particular young lady had recently let us know that she had received a full athletic scholarship to play Division 1 softball. We were obviously extremely excited for her and proud of the work that she had put in over the years in our program. 

Now, this is not to say that it happens often, but occasionally we’ll see students get a bit complacent once they have received their ticket to college. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a kick in the behind to make sure they remember that the work is not yet done. I don’t ever expect our students to need that kick, but we’re always prepared to give it. 

This was not even remotely the case with this young lady. She showed up to the camp ready to work. She was attentive, just like she has always been. She asked questions, just like she always has. She was extremely tough on herself after realizing her mistakes, just like she always is. Not one thing about this girl’s demeanor said “I made it, now I can relax.” Instead, it was the complete opposite. 

This girl earned the golden ticket and when it was handed to her, she tucked it away and got right back to work. This attitude and approach is how she got to where she is and why she will continue to see success at the highest levels of the game.

Catchers, no matter how far this game takes you. No matter how much success you experience. The work is never done. The best in the game know all too well that there is always someone seeking to rip that crown right off your head. To protect it, you have to be constantly on guard, ready to outwork everyone. 

Jason Weaver