January 2018 - Tip of the Month




Happy New Year everyone! 

The clock striking midnight on New Year’s eve signals a new start, a turning over of the proverbial leaf. It can be a symbol of newfound hope and/or dedication. It, however, does not signal the start to a “new you”. Simply rolling our calendars over to the next year does not enact the change that we may desire for ourselves. We might want to become bigger, stronger, faster, more dedicated to our health or education. But none of that is possible without concerted, mindful and purposeful effort.

I compare this to the New Years gym rush that happens every January 2nd. Go to any gym on the planet on January 2nd and good luck finding a free machine or treadmill. Go back on January 9th, just a week later, and half of the people you saw there a week ago will be gone. It happens year in and year out. People are energized by the new year, they rededicate themselves to something that was never sustainable in the first place. They never put in the time to change the one that that matters the most. Their true mindset. 

As humans, we’ve unfortunately been conditioned to seek out the quick fix, the instant gratification. Often, when we realize how hard real change and progress actually is, we bail and revert right back to what was comfortable. 

So, here’s my challenge to all of you catchers out there. Don’t let your New Year’s resolution be “I want to become the best catcher I can be”. There is no plan of action involved in that. Instead, make your resolution about how you'll become the best catcher you can possibly be. And then…draw up a realistic plan of how to reach your goal and make sure it is feasible enough that you can follow it each and every day. My New Year’s resolution could be “I want to become a millionaire”, but if I don’t actually have a realistic plan of action to achieve that, it's never happening. When you give yourself a game-plan, and a pathway to your goals, they are significantly more achievable. 

Catchers, change your mindset, and you’ll change yourself. 

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