December 2013 - Tip of the Month

"Catcher's New Year's Resolutions"

Happy New Year everyone! All of us here at The New England Catching Camp certainly hope that everyone enjoyed a very Happy Holiday season! I know I did!

As we start to look towards the upcoming season it's important to ring in the new year with a set of goals. Goals to achieve during the season and goals to achieve in preparation for the season.

I challenge all of you catchers to come up with a list of your personal Catcher's New Year's Resolutions. Once you have a goal, write down how you plan to achieve that goal. Then....DO IT!

Goal #1:

What: I want to be a better blocking catcher.

How: I will fire 20 blocks down the middle, to my left and to my right every day.

Goal #2:

What: I want to be a more vocal catcher behind the plate.

How: During team practices I will make an effort to be louder in directing my teammates during particular drills and giving encouragement throughout the practice.



What: I want to have a stronger arm.

How: I will make an effort to long-toss every other day leading up until the season. If I live in a climate that keeps me inside, I will find a batting cage so I can simulate long-toss by throwing to the top of the net.

Goal #4:

What: I want to be able to handle higher velocities while receiving.

How: I will ask all upperclassmen or local college pitchers if they are taking pitching lessons or throwing bullpens, and if so, would they like for me to catch them.

Etc. Etc. Etc....

Catchers, remember that you are the ones who get to decide how much better you'll be this season compared to last. Set goals, stick to them and enjoy a great season.

Thanks for reading this month's Tip of the Month!