April 2018 - Tip of the Month

"To the left, to the left"


One of the most common mistakes catchers make during a throw to 2B is letting their hips kick out to the left after receiving the pitch. This occurs for one of a few reasons. Either, one, the catcher has been taught to "replace their feet" (one of the most mind boggling instructional queues ever given). Two, their hips leak to the side as they attempt to bring their throwing-hand side foot underneath their center of gravity. Or, three, they have been taught to jump left to clear a throwing lane with a left handed batter in the box. 

Regardless of the reason, all three lead to a catcher's momentum being thrown to the side, away from their intended target. If the hips are moving left, the body is not striding forward and the entire timing of the throwing sequence can be "thrown" off. 

Focus on turning in place, wherever the bulk of your body weight was when the ball hit your glove. Make sure to beat the pitch to the spot with your body and you'll be in complete control of hip direction during the entire throw. 

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Jason Weaver