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Over our 20 year history, we've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing catchers. We're not just talking about the most talented catchers. We're talking about the most driven, hard working, attentive, hungry and high-character students. 


It is no secret that because we have made our lives about working with just catchers we've been incredibly lucky to work with those who have already demonstrated a toughness that supersedes their peers. By simply strapping on the gear and walking onto a field with us, they have already proven the desire to become better athletes. But in every camp that we have ever run, there is this select group of catchers. Individuals who have shown us a higher level of character, a higher level of maturity, a better grasp on the information and an unrivaled thirst to get their hands on more of it. At every camp there are a few students who just "get it" more than everyone else. 

So, over a staff dinner while we were on the road three offseasons ago, the senior level TCC staff and I started throwing around ideas of how amazing it would be to run a camp filled only with those select few. What if we got to choose who attended a camp? What if we ran an invitation only camp for those few special catchers who, over time, have continued to get us excited to come to the field/facility every single camp day? Only those catchers....all in one camp. 

I have to tell you, it gave us all goose bumps. 

Well,  for those of you who weren’t there the last two years…we did it! Boy did we do it!

For three days over Martin Luther King weekend two years ago and over President’s Day Weekend last offseason, we ran a fully immersive INVITE ONLY program for those elite students in our program at the Historic Dodgertown Complex in Vero Beach, FL (2018) and at another facility in Cocoa Beach, FL (2019). The camp was only for catchers 13-18 years old, whom myself and staff identified as sharing the same values and work ethic that we see from the most successful catchers in our program and ourselves. These were the kids who have demonstrated to us a willingness to take the game more seriously than their peers and are willing to put in whatever work is necessary to reach their next level. To call these weekends a success would be an incredible understatement. They have been quite possibly the most impactful and transformative camps we have ever run! The progress that was made over those weekends were beyond anything we could have ever imagined, and the bonds that were formed over those three days are sure to last a lifetime. But you don't have to take our word for it. Just listen to some of the parents from our first TCC Invitational event tell you themselves and then take a look at last year’s camp video. 


If you are viewing this page it is because your catcher has exemplified the same qualities that we have looked for in students for the last two invitational events we’ve run, and your catcher has made such a huge impression with us that we want to give them an opportunity to attend this year's TCC Invite Only Camp, being held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex (Formerly known as Historic Dodgertown).

Each day the TCC staff and students will eat breakfast together before heading out to the field or "classroom". We will hit the ground running with reps and drills, refining the skillset of each student to a completely new level. We're going to skip the introductory information and get right to work. We'll then come back in for lunch, and like we will be doing the entire weekend, interact as much as possible with the catchers, answering any questions that they may have, or simply giving them the ability to continue building a rapport with the TCC staff who have all played the game at many of the highest levels. Then, we'll head back out to the field and continue to put more work in behind the plate. We'll go over advanced approaches to some of the skills and get more in depth about game-management, calling a game, handling pitchers, etc. Then we'll head back inside and spend a couple hours relaxing before dinner. Play ping-pong, shoot some billiards; just have some fun with the catchers and allow them to interact with likeminded students and instructors. 


Tentative Schedule (CLICK TO VIEW EACH DAY):





We focus our efforts each day with getting even more detailed with the instruction than we ever have at any camp you've been to. We'll implement new drills many of you have never seen before. We'll work on full distance throws to the bases, and certify pop-times. We're going to again put the kids on video and have them break it down over the weekend. We'll sit the students down and actually go through the online process of seeking out information about the college selection process. The kids will be given every chance to ask us about our experiences and the experiences of those who may have already committed to a school. But we're going to actually show them what to do and how to do it. 

 I can honestly say that TCC has never run camps more special and impactful than the last two invitational camps we’ve run over the last two year, and we are just as excited to do it again this MLK weekend (January 17-20, 2020).  I hope that after reading this you are too. Our entire staff gets chills when thinking about this camp, working with a group of catchers who we hand picked to be there. The cream of the crop. The students we want to be there. This camp brings every one of those catchers to a completely new level. In fact, a good portion of our Summer Camp staff were students in this camp the last two years (and many will be again this year).

Dinner on Friday, as well as all three meals on Saturday AND Sunday, as well as Breakfast and Lunch on Monday are included along with the on-site accommodations (parents will again have to pay separately this year - Meal packages for parents are available for purchase separately. Students, separated by gender, will be grouped three to a room in hotel-style suites (Two queen beds and a twin/double roll away) with TCC staff staying in rooms bookending the student’s rooms. Parents are encouraged to attend with their kids, but accommodations will be separate. The Jackie Robinson Training Complex has relationships with many of the hotels in the area and can offer some recommendations, if not discounts, to many of the areas surrounding hotels.

For those of you needing airport transportation for your catchers to and from the airport (Orlando is 1:30 away and West Palm Beach is 1:15 away), all you need to do is check the box during registration and we will take care of the rest. TCC will provide a coach service that will make two runs on Friday at 1PM and 3PM and return the kids to the airport by 3PM and 5PM on Monday.

While we have worked with around  2,500 students in the last 4 years, we'll be inviting less than 100 students to this camp. As was the case each of the last two years, however, this camp will be capped at exactly 30 total catchers, and we will be maintaining a 5:1 student to instructor ratio or less. Registration is first come, first serve. 

So, if you are just as excited as we are and want to sign up, go ahead and: