Coaches and Parents, 


The Catching Camp provides a unique evaluation opportunity to help a catcher find their strengths and understand their weaknesses. This will allow the student to make best use of the off-season months in preparation for next season. 

TCC requires a 90-minute player evaluation of all new private students. This session will establish a familiarity with our information, terminology and approach for the student and allow us the opportunity to design a training schedule and curriculum that will match their needs. 

During this session we will evaluate receiving, blocking and throwing. All three skills will be put on video and after the filming portion of the evaluation, we will sit down and review the video with


I will look at all 3 receiving positions and check for areas (sign giving, no-man on, and man-on) that can be improved. 

I will evaluate how pitches are received in those positions and how well you succeed at keeping strikes looking like strikes. I will look for technique flaws that tend to make strikes look like balls. 


I will evaluate blocking technique and help determine if the technique you use does the best job at blocking pitches in the dirt and keeps them as close to you as possible after the block. We will evaluate fastball blocks down the middle as well as to the sides and will also evaluate how you handle curve balls in the dirt. 


For the throwing we look at number of things: 

Velocity: I will have you get your throwing arm warmed up to game speed and then have you throw 6 throws against the radar gun from a crow hop. I want to determine your max velocity. I will then have you throw six from your runners-on position to see what your out-of-crouch velocity is. The goal will be to determine how much velocity do you loose coming out of your crouch. I will be able to let you know where you stand compared to the hundreds of players in this age group I have timed. 

Release Time

Then I have a drill that will allow me to accurately time your release. The time from the ball hitting your glove to the time the ball leaves your hand. I will be able to let you know where you stand compared to the thousands of players I have timed with this technique. 

Evaluating both areas, arm strength and release time gives a great picture of where your throwing needs the most work. 


Then I will have you make about 10 throws without a ball at 100% speed to get a good look at footwork and exchange technique. 

Recommendations and Instruction

We will then sit down and go over the video of each skill, outlining the areas in need of improvement.