Catcher Meme #40: Remeber, It's a Team game

During the Royals' game last night, backup catcher Drew Butera demonstrated a very valuable lesson for all catchers out there. While Royals' Gold Glove catcher Salvador Perez was getting his gear on, Butera ran in from the bullpen to make sure that Royals' closer Wade Davis had a catcher to warm-up with. 

Catchers, even if you aren't the starter on your team, it is incredibly important that you are still ready to pick up the catcher who is in the lineup when they are stranded on the bases or have made the last out of the inning at the plate. Do not let your pitcher wait to start warming up. If you aren't in the lineup, make sure you have at least your shin guards on at all times so if the situation arises where you are needed to warm-up your pitcher, you can simply grab your gear and get out there!

Jason Weaver