Catcher Meme #39: Catcher, Be Aggressive

In a game against the Cleveland Indians, Red Sox catcher Christian Vasquez made a very heads up and aggressive play on a swinging bunt by the Indians' shortstop Francisco Lindor. 

Had Vasquez taken any additional time to make the decision to take the play himself, Lidor would have had a very good chance to beat out the throw. Instead, Vasquez's quick actions allowed him to ensure an easy call for the umpire and sent Lindor back to the bench. Also note that he didn't need to, nor could he have afforded the time it would have taken to, take his helmet off during this play. Masks are designed to allow the catcher to see in front of them. It's a waste of time (especially when it comes to the hockey style masks not shown in this clip) to take the mask off before reacting to the play. 

Catchers, make sure you are always aggressive on the field with your actions and your decisions. Don't wait for someone else to tell you what to do or where to go. Make the decision quick, don't waste time taking the helmet off and be aggressive in your approach to the play. Doing so might just be the difference between safe and out. 

Jason Weaver