Catcher Meme #38: Trust Your First Instinct

Watching a game a few weeks ago, Reds' catcher Devin Mesoraco showed just how important it is to make up your mind as quickly as possible. Mesoraco, was forced to choose whether to make the throw to 2B or 1B after fielding a bunt. 

In situations like this, where we have a decision of where to throw the ball on a bunt, it is imperative to make the decision immediately and live with the consequences. If we take even a moment to hesitate, we risk not only losing the double play, but also the out at 2B too. 

By reading the situation and making the decision quickly, Mesoraco gave his infielder a chance to make a clean throw to 1B to get the double play. 

Catchers, trust your first instinct and go with it. If after the play, you realize it was the wrong decision, you can learn from it and move on. But by not making any decision, you risk a hesitation that could lead to no outs or even worse, an error. 

Jason Weaver