Catcher Meme #32: Be Aware, Be Very Aware


During last night's game against the Diamondbacks, Rockies' catcher Mike McKenry made a fatal, but extremely preventable error.

Throughout the game McKenry's throws back to the pitcher became predictable, with each one getting more and more casual.

The D-Backs took notice, and David Peralta took full advantage in the 7th inning in a relatively close game. The second McKenry began his lob back to the pitcher, Peralta bolted for the plate, giving Rockies' pitcher Rex Brothers little to no chance of getting the ball back to the plate in time to prevent the run from scoring.

I don't think McKenry was being lazy, but I also don't think he was using his head at all.

Catcher's, if there are runners on base it is your job to make sure they know you're paying attention to them after each pitch. Otherwise, something like this can and WILL happen.

Make a point to give them a quick look after each pitch, and make sure your throw back to the pitcher is a firm one. No, we don't want the ball heading back to the pitcher harder than it was thrown to you, but do not lob the ball back to the pitcher. A firm, but accurate, throw will do just fine. That should prevent an embarrassing situation like this from ever happening to you.