Catcher Meme #26

Block Much?



One of the things that has always frustrated me is to watch catchers in the big leagues making mistakes that aren't acceptable in high school, let alone in the show.

Dioner Navarro of the Toronto Blue Jays made not one, but three of the same inexcusable mistake in the same inning.

On three occasions in the bottom of the 8th inning of last night's game against the Twins, Navarro made almost no attempt to block pitches in the dirt with a runner on 3rd base.

The first time? I get made a mistake. Learn from it, make the adjustment, make sure it never happens again. But to let it happen twice more, in the same sticking inning? Absolutely reprehensible.

How could he have fixed this problem after the first pitch got by him you might ask? For one, he could have been in a stance which would have allowed him to fulfill his responsibilities at the time. He was in a deep nobody-on-base stance that gave him no opportunity to adequately get his body in front of the ball should it head for the ground. His feet needed to be wider, hips up higher and his upper body should have been leaning forward a bit to create a better angle for the ball to hit after he got to the ground. That didn't happen.

The second thing he could have done is to at least try to send his body in front of the ball rather than trying to backhand pick the pitch off the ground. Navarro didn't even make an attempt to get to the ground and stop the ball with his body.

My cell phone blew up last night the moment this happened. From HS students to some of my pro clients, they couldn't understand how a guy "earning" $3 MILLION this year makes this type of mistake! Neither could I.

Catchers, don't let this be you. If you have trouble with this skill during games, you need to know that practice is the only thing that will help (as long as it's NOT rapid fire drills).

Remember, someone paid good money for the gear that you use, it's your job to PUT IT TO USE! Put in the work and give your pitchers confidence to throw the ball in the dirt.