Catcher Meme #22

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes



Since  #NECCSUMMERCAMP season got into full swing up here, there have been some great catcher plays in MLB. None of which more impressive than Yankees' catcher Chris Stewart's pop-up catch and throw earlier this week. This play was absolutely textbook in both approach and execution.

Stewart, seeing the ball go straight up, immediately took off his mask and kept it in his hand as he turned his back to the infield and settled underneath the ball. Once he spotted the ball at the wall, he ditched his mask and made the amazing catch while falling into the stands.

If that weren't enough, Stewart demonstrated exactly how every catcher should approach this play, he immediately looked for another out. He didn't wait for his infielder, 2B Robinson Cano to get to the bag, he just fired and nailed Red Sox OF Daniel Nava at 2B.

What Stewart did on this play is something that we preach to every one of our catchers. Always look to steal an out from the other team and when you find one for the taking, do not wait for the infielder to cover the bag or hesitate to make the throw. Let it rip! It is our infielders job to know that if a runner is running to or from their bag, expect the catcher to make the throw. When everyone does their job, great plays happen.