Catcher Meme #17

Quick Decisions = Quick Outs



While browsing through some videos I came across this one of Royals' catcher Salvador Perez making a very aggressive play on a ball that was driven into the ground by Rays' hitter Matt Joyce.

In June's Tip of the Month (See post below - or visit one of the things we talk about is how important it is for a catcher to make a decision quickly and be aggressive about it. Perez does a great job demonstrating that here.

He made the decision to make the play himself and not leave it up to pitcher Tim Collins. He immediately exploded out of his crouch and waved off Collins letting him know to get out of the way. It is because of his quick decision he was able to throw out Joyce at first base.

If he had hesitated for just a second in making the decision to go after the ball himself, Joyce may have been safe.

Catchers, don't hesitate to make a decision! Sometimes it will be the wrong one, sure, but hesitation can only lead to more mistakes. In this case Perez was able to ensure an out on this play and the Royals got out of the inning one batter later unscathed. If he hesitates to jump on this ball and fails to record the out, who knows what the rest of the inning would have looked like with runners on first and second and only one out.