Catcher Meme #2

Blown Saves Aren't Always the Pitcher's Fault

Red Sox lost the game tonight because catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia couldn't keep two Joel Hanrahan strike-threes looking like strikes and couldn't keep a very blockable pitch (with bases loaded) in front of him.

The first word out of an umpire's mouth after receiving a pitch palm up will ALWAYS be "Ball!". You also cannot reach across your body, with no lateral hip movement to keep the pitch in front of our shoulder, and expect an umpire to give you a strike.

Also, the tying run scored on a ball that was very blockable, but Salty dropped his back knee before his glove got to the ground behind the ball. Once the either of the knees hits the ground the distance the middle of our body can travel to the ball has been determined. The block is over and there's nothing we can do about that. We MUST get our hands to the ball before committing to the spot of the block. Otherwise, we will never be able to get our middle lined up with the ball and it will be extremely difficult to keep the ball in front of us.