TCC's Catcher's Creed

Understanding that as a catcher I must accept my role as the leader of my team. I hold myself to the 10 points of the Catchers Creed while training or playing.

  1. I will be suited up, stretched, and ready to go 15 minutes before the team is expected to arrive for training or a game.
  2. My equipment will always be clean. I will never drag dirt or mud into any indoor training facility.
  3. My shirt will always be tucked in, whether in a game or at practice.
  4. I will NEVER be heard saying anything disrespectful towards a team mate, opponent, coach, or umpire.
  5. I will never use foul language, and will hold my team mates to this same standard.
  6. I will always complete every drill to its fullest.
  7. I will always be encouraging to my team mates regardless of whether they play well or not.
  8. I will never allow my team to leave a dugout after a game until all trash has been picked up, even if it was there when we got there.
  9. I will lead my team out onto the field every time we take the field.
  10. I will thank my parents for the opportunity to play organized sports, acknowledging the many sacrifices they make to allow me to play.
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