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You Never Know Who's Watching

I was at a College Showcase recently and observed something first hand that I have read about before. I am standing behind a backstop speaking with a group of college coaches while a showcase game is going on. The batter hit a fly ball to deep left field that the left fielder had to make a short run to get. The fielder caught the ball and threw it back in.

One of the college coaches then remarked in an annoyed tone, "Wow, that batter didn't even run out the fly ball". He proceeded to look up the kids information in the packet provided by the team and made a note next to the players name.

I certainly hope that player wasn't hoping to attend that school and play for that coach. They are certainly not on that coach's wish list.

The moral to the story, if your aspirations are to play past high school, you truly do not know who's watching and how you conduct yourself on the field is noticed.