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Important Content for Recruiting Video for Catchers

It is always a costly venture for a college coach to come and see you play during the season. Many colleges have cut the budgets for trips related to scouting potential recruits. This has brought about the increased use by college coaches of recruiting skills video as a way of getting an initial look at players they may otherwise not have been able to see play.

While skills videos are important for both baseball and softball players of all postions I believe many catchers are ending up with videos that do not contain all of the footage that will help peak a college coach’s interest. It is important to remember that catchers have a number of skills they execute that no other player does. Let’s be sure to include the skills that college coaches will want to see.

Here is how I like the skills video to be presented.

1. Introduction
a. Have the camera film you from waist up.
b. Be wearing your school or travel team uniform.
c. Have your uniform neat and clean, NO Gum CHEWING, (yes I have seen it)
d. Speak clearly and slowing stating your name, Indicate what high school you are attending, (tell them school name, city and state) and what year you will be graduating.

I like to have your defensive skills shown first. I want this coach to see you as a catcher first and foremost. After the defensive skills are shown then highlight your hitting, running, and any other defensive position you play.

2. Throwing
a. Throw to 2nd: Show 4 good throws with different pitch location on each one. Be careful not to crowd the plate so be sure to set up as if there is a batter in the box.

b. Throw to 3rd: I like this filmed with a right handed batter in the box to show that you know how to make the throw around the batter. Show the best 3 throws.

c. Throw to 1st: For softball catchers, if you can make this throw from your knees as well as standing, make 2 throws with each technique. If you only throw standing then show 3 best throws. Baseball catchers should only make this throw standing.

3. Blocking

a. This is a skill that can really get a coaches attention. A catcher that controls the ball in the dirt and does not let it get away from them will definitely catch a coach’s eye.

b. Have a total of 6 pitches thrown to you. Again, 2 middle, 2 to the left, 2 to the right.

c. On the 2nd block of each location be sure to finish the play as if a base runner is advancing. Show your ability to block, control the ball, and make a good throw to a base. The camera does not have to follow the throw.

4. Receiving

a. Begin this sequence setting up in your sign giving stance, give the sign then shift into your no-runners on stance.

b. Receive 6 pitches, 2 glove side, 2 down middle, and 2 to the throwing side.

5. Fielding Bunts

a. Have a coach set up behind you and toss balls out in front for you to field. Be sure the balls are thrown to all 3 locations. To your left, right, and up the middle. Demonstrate 2 of each.

As I stated earlier at this time in the video now proceed to the other skills you want to showcase on your video. If you have any other questions related to recruiting videos feel free to send them to me.

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